Female Orgasms – How To Take Any Sex Technique And Instantly Increase It’s Effectiveness

March 10, 2016

If you’re a man and you like women you are probably at least somewhat interested in FEMALE ORGASMS.

You probably like to know how to make them happen and you probably like to give your woman at least one, every time you have sex.

If you’re ‘nodding’ in agreement as your read this, carry on reading carefully because I guarantee you’ll like what follows…

Let me ask you a question…

“If I told you there was a way to instantly increase the effectiveness of any SEX TECHNIQUE that you use in the bedroom with your woman, would you believe me?”

If you answered “YES” — you answered correctly.

If you answered “NO”, you’re probably just in a cynical mood, but don’t worry — I’ll forgive you and let you into the SEX SECRET anyway.

Here’s the thing…

You could be stimulating your woman’s clitoris and giving her a clitoral orgasm.

You could be massaging her g-spot to give her a g-spot vaginal orgasm.

You could be stimulating her deep spot to give her a deep spot vaginal orgasm.

You could be in the process of giving her an anal orgasm (Yes, really — those can happen too).


In all of the above scenarios you are getting your woman off using your fingers or during intercourse and that’s cool.

But there’s a PROVEN way to instantly increase the effectiveness of all of those sex techniques and any others you care to add to that list.

Would you like to know how to do it?


Here’s your answer…


Talking dirty is the most powerful and underused sex technique that every man could be using to give his woman more sexual pleasure.

Most men don’t use it because they are wimps.

They’re afraid they’ll mess it up and offend their women or make them laugh.

However, when you understand that for women SEX IS VERY MENTAL — you’ll realize that if you want to give your woman INCREDIBLE SEX… talking dirty is not an option.

It’s a requirement.

Seriously, whatever fingering technique you are doing to your woman or if you are having intercourse — the moment you start talking dirty… you’ll instantly increase her SEXUAL PLEASURE and find it easier to ‘get her off’.

Here are 5 tips for successful dirty talk:

– The more turned on your woman is, the dirtier you can talk

– The longer you’ve known her, the dirtier you can talk (provided you have a decent sex-life)

– In the bedroom, it’s okay to use vulgar words (in fact, women really like this)

– You must be believable and talk with authority and confidence

– Speak clearly and a little deeper than usual

So that’s the sex technique to use to instantly increase the effectiveness of everything you do in the bedroom – DIRTY TALK.

It doesn’t matter whether you are giving your woman a clitoral orgasm or a g-spot orgasm — dirty talk will get her there FASTER.

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